Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Only in Japan (pt. 2)

Like all the cool kids do, sometimes we hang out at the mall in Omagari. Sometimes...we probably raise a few eyebrows because of all the photos we take of strangely wonderful Japanese things.
Even though I already had some floss, I bought this. Because how often do you get to floss with hippopotamus AND small bird?
This...was definitely for sure not from the kids section. Who would shop there. Seriously.

Truly, a giant stuffed llama.

This was the cover of a book of photographs which, as far as we could tell, are all just pictures of this one angry-looking Japanese child. An entire book filled with that menacing face. Sometimes slobbering into the sand on the beach, or blowing bubbles out her nose (don't ask how). The creepy thing is, all of the pictures look just like they come from someone's family album. It's as if you're snooping on the life of some grumpy little girl as she eats, plays, rolls in the dirt, whatever else she does. The creepier thing is...I know someone who purchased it.

Other items found on various shopping trips:

Want some dripping of grape?

There is also a drink here called Pocari Sweat, and it is delicious. Perhaps, despite the horrendously unappealing name, these are delicious too.

I don't think any explanation is really needed here.

And finally...Japanese toys (that should probably frighten little children)!!


  1. Lotte is huge in Korea, so I've seen Crunky Bars, but Crunky Ball Nude, is just a whole new special thing.

    We have Pocari Sweat too, but I hadn't gotten up the nerve to try it. Now maybe I will.

    You look like Little Red Riding Hood. Super cute! I think you should get it!

    The dental floss reminds me of Korea, and how they make every product cutesy.

    Keep posting!


  2. Your shopping trip sounds incredible! I think that would be so cool!