Thursday, September 15, 2011

The one where I show you my apartment.

So, this is my new home. It actually is starting to feel like home. I maybe cleaned it just for these pictures.

Front door; note the lovely representation of my apparent patriotism draped above it.

Down the hallway... my room.

Awesomely large closet.

Heading back to the kitchen...

bathroom-ish (minus the toilet, which is in a separate room across the hall), laundry...

...little shower. intended for people who are not tall.

Note all the yellow in my apartment, which I love. Most of it was here, conveniently, when I moved in.

Tiny kitchen. Everything is slightly miniature. It feels like one of those play kitchens that every girl had as a child. No? Well I did.

For example, that fridge is a lot shorter than I am. Speaking of the fridge, you just might find yourself on it.

Tiny table, tiny chairs. But lots of space.

It's not a bad little place.

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