Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thailand travels - Bangkok and Sukhothai

Around Christmas I had the chance to take some holidays, and spent the most wonderful vacation in Thailand with Jackie. A very unique Christmas. Lots of gorgeous, interesting scenes, colour, craziness, and delicious food.

Our flight there gave us a snack basket - unexpectedly, the onion cookies were my favourite.

This coconut water (?) was actually delicious.

Ah tourists.

Kind of felt like we had stumbled into a small community's market - after just a few minutes in a taxi, we were the only foreigners in sight it seemed. We were entertained by some off-key karaoke singing in the park nearby while we ate our lunch.

Tiger man.

Giant reclining Buddha at Wat Pho.

Chaotic Khao San Road.

Mmmm maybe not a good sign.

We'll cook your street food AND do your laundry.

Christmas pad thai dinner.

Sweet accomodations.

Ruins of the ancient kingdom of Sukhothai.

The monks took just as many photos as us.

It's a Thai Iced Tea! And a goldfish table!!

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  1. Sweet photos. I love the one of the little girl. Please tell me you got your haircut where Daniel Radcliffe does.