Thursday, January 26, 2012

Makes me smile

My teacher said "Avril Lavigne" in class. Boy at the back laughed; "Ha! "Avril LaBieber!!"


The sentence "Doraemon [popular anime character] is yammier [*yummier] than pizza" cropped up on a student's worksheet. I asked this particular boy if he eats Doraemon; he seemed confused.


I asked the hypothetical question "This weekend: you can do anything you want. What will you do?" in a warmup activity. Some of the students were real creative geniuses, planning weekends trips to outer space and conquering the world. Others, however...I don't think they quite understood the question. Like the boy who said that he would stay at his home. And study English.


I sometimes get asked very strange questions. Such as "How many toilets do you have in your Canada home?" and whether mannequins have faces in my country.

Shortly after this one, I found out that mannequins do not have faces in Japan.


And...I currently feel incapable of using a computer. I spilled peach tea on my laptop keyboard, making the keys rather sticky. Not only that but the layout of my Japanese keyboard from work has become so engrained in my mind that I keep hitting numbers instead of quotation marks.

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  1. Those little quotes sound hilarious! I love the things that kids come up with sometimes! Such great imaginations!

    What age group do you have?

    I am getting ready to start some ESL lessons here in Colombia. Any advice from an experienced ESL teacher? :P